Remote Specialty Pharmaceutical Care

Know with certainty what's going on with your patients and their medication

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ReX Companion for patients

ReX Companion for physicians

ReX is a bridge to their care team.
While taking their medication, patients report back and receive personalized information from you

ReX allows for close monitoring and intervention through realtime feedback and data from patients, so you can make better decisions and provide the best treatment, remotely

Data-driven decisions on patient care
Keeps your patients on their treatment between visits

ReX is a platform for managing high-risk, high-cost, solid oral medication

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ReX asks questions and contains your advice and treatment tips
Stores and administers solid oral medication directly to the patient's mouth
Intervene earlier, adjust medication doses or request urgent appointments
Administers the right dose at the right time, preventing overdose and mistakes
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The only medication management platform with oral administration capability that exists

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ReX comes at no additional cost to you or to patients and will not raise their insurance premiums over time