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Meet Ami

76-year-old husband, father, grandfather,

Accountant and Cystic Fibrosis patient.

For those familiar with the disease know that Ami’s age is an inspiration. Unfortunately, the average life expectancy for CF patients is 44 years old. In Ami’s case, the disease became noticeable at age 19, but he was only diagnosed at 37.

Making an effort to integrate intensive daily treatments into his busy life proved to be very difficult. He was gradually less meticulous with his care which led to a deterioration of his lung function that dropped to 18% capacity. This decline made Ami realize that in order to stabilize his condition, he must prioritize his health and give his daily treatments his full attention.

Ami was introduced to the ReX Companion in the summer of 2020. ReX is the only solid oral medication management device with precise administering and an interactive screen. Using ReX, Ami takes the new and revolutionary drug Trikafta™.Today, at the age of 76, he still manages to maintain high and stable lung function.

We recently asked Ami to provide his views to patients who face similar challenges.

What helps you overcome the challenges of routine care?

"The treatment of CF is among the most complex. I am required to remember to do tests, check results, and also perform treatments on time. There’s so much to keep up with! It is important for me to maintain the framework of therapy that the physician recommended me, but sometimes I still miss here and there. We’re human after all. The ReX reminds me to take the medication on time and do certain tests or treatments, it reduces some of the burden and I forget less. ReX also asks me how I feel and so my physician, who has access to the answers I give, always with a finger on the pulse about my condition. For me ReX is a server tool "blessed". Whoever chooses ReX chooses to increase the response to his treatment, and that is true even for patients who are as meticulous as I am."

* Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening inherited disease that affects many body systems and causes severe damage to lung and pancreatic function. The main damage is to the respiratory and digestive systems. CF is not a contagious disease but it is considered an incurable disease.

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